Book Club – “Let’s Make Whoopies!” By Sophie Grey

I am going to start my Book Club with a firm favourite, “Let’s Make Whoopies!” By Sophie Grey.

Whoopie Pies have long been talked about as the next big thing after cupcakes. These part Biscuit – part Cake/Cookie are made from a pair of cake shells sandwiched together with a creamy (most often) filling. You can make them large enough to have them for dessert (7-9 cm) or small enough to have as cakes (2.5 – 3 cm)

The book itself is a paperback 263 page Cake Fest, each recipe is covered over two pages – a clearly set out ingredients and method page and a simple artistic photo on the other page. Split into chapters on Fruit, Chocolate, classic, savoury and many more – you will find a whoopie pie to please everyone. Sophie also includes recipes for those with special requirements and demostrates how to decorate them to make interesting changes to party cakes. Sophie also includes cupcake recipes as well as her Whoopie Pies.

These recipes don’t need any special equipment (I bake them on a wide baking tray) nor do most of them use anything more than stock baking items. This makes these perfect for a last minute treat (you can cook and clear away in under an hour)

Triple Chocolate Whoopies

Tried and Tested Recipes

  • Lamington Whoopies – Page 38
  • Triple Chocolate Whoopies – Page 57
  • Orange Whoopies – Page 96 (I added a dash of orange essence to “umph” the flavour up a bit)

Overall Impression – 9/10

Thanks for Reading



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