Technique of the Week – Bristolian Cupcakes 101 pt1

Over the Monday’s in June I am going to be running a series on  creating the perfect Bristolian Cupcakes from scratch and Gert Lush they will be…

Over the next few weeks I will be covering:

  • 6th June  – Where to find the Basic Equipment
  • 13th June – Basic Ingredients for the Perfect Cupcake
  • 20th June – Hints and Tips for Cupcake Sponge Making
  • 27th June – The Icing on the Cake.

Cupcakes are some of the simplest but effective small cakes you can make and once you have mastered the basics, the sky’s the limit for creating simple but effective food treats.

With any new hobby you may not want or can afford to jump in with a lot of expensive equipment (You can pay between £175 and £1000 for the high-class Kenwood Masterchef and Kichenaid Mixers, amazing bits of kit but not necessary for beginners). So here is a list of baking essentials which you can pick up cheaply and will still give you great results.

All these items are available in three shops, all open and available in Bristol – Robert Dyas, Ikea and Asda… so if you fancy a trip to Cribbs or Broadmead you can now enjoy a bit of baking shopping.

A spoonful of sugar…

Good baking is a science and like any experience, exact measurements are important and a beginner basic will benefit from scales, a measuring jug and measuring spoons… for the best bargains try:

Mix and Match…

Once you have weighed all your ingredients you need to mix them. BMB recommends a large high sided bowl for combining the sponge mix and a range of smaller ones to whisk eggs and make the icing in. You will also need a whisk, although an electronic is more expensive – unless you have very strong wrists we suggest you invest in one… We recommend (and own the following)

Into the Oven You Go…

Once you have weighed and mixed your ingredients you will need to cook, most recipes make a batch of 12 so with a six-hole tin you can either bake twice or buy two! and some cases, you can get cases in all designs and for all occasions. You need to look for some that are 37mm – 40mm in depth and again we recommend:

All you then need is a recipe book. Robert Dyas in the Mall at Broadmead is currently selling Hamlyn 200 Cupcakes for £2.49. This small book has all the recipes you need to get started

So by buying a set of measuring tools, manual scales and whisks, a set of mixing bowls, a tray and cases you can set yourself up with all you need for less than £25.00

Next week I’ll be looking at the ingredients you need

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