Wednesday Weblinks – Big Picture Classes

This week I am going to look at another of the big hitters in the cyber-scrapping world – Big Picture Classes (formally known as Big Picture Scrapping).

In 2005 Stacy Julian, had a vision of a place where scrappers from all over the world could log on to a whole college worth of craft courses and from that idea Big Picture Classes (BPC) began. Today they offer on-line classes in scrapping, photography and wide-ranging papercrafts all taught by some of the top crafters in world. The classes come in two types:

Workshops. Taught over a specific period of time (most usually 4 – 12 weeks) and centre around a topic or technique. I have taken classes that publish a new sketch each day, that teach design principles and that set challenges to stretch your creative skills each day.

Classes are “taught” in classrooms which stay open even when the class is finished for reference and can contain regular handouts, audio notes, videos and chat rooms where you can share and learn with other students. Each class has its own Gallery where you can post examples of your work. The tutors often hang out with the students, host live chats and answer your problems and concerns.

On registration on a class you will receive the information you need to prepare for the class, some need special stash but nearly all of them encourage you to use your own stash. You will be warned before enrolling in classes if there is something that you must have so you don’t get caught with large bills.

Taken from Lisa Day’s 28 Days of Sketches

Self Paced Projects are cheaper and deliver a single project and technique.

Each class provides all the handouts you need to complete the project and provides a gallery to share your end results. There is less interaction than the workshops but the quality is just as high as the full workshops.

Unlike the workshops they can be booked at any time so you can pick and choose what you want to do and when.

Taken from May with May taught by May Flaum


  • Quality of Teaching. I have taken classes by Cathy Zielske, Tena Sprenger, Heidi Swapp and May Flaum and over the years I have been exposed to great techniques and great Stash
  • Ongoing Classrooms. It doesn’t matter the pace you can go at, the classes are available for reference forever.
  • No Pressure – No Competitiveness. BPC is one of the friendliest communities around. People love to see others work and to learn from them.

My next BPC class is Elizabeth Dillow’s 12 Challenges Class starting in early July, maybe I will see you there?

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