Smash Saturday – Week 1 How to Make a Smash Book

So here we are, at the beginning of a six month challenge to “Smash” your home towns and areas and for us at Baking and Making in Bristol we are intending to Smash the West Country.

Each week for the next 26 weeks we will be offering a challenge drawn from the most excellant “How to be and Explorer of the World” by Keri Smith (which will be reviewed tomorrow in our regular Sunday Book Club). Keri encourages everyone to get and record your life and is a must for any new Smasher.

The BMB Smash Hanbook

You can join in any time and all the challenges will be listed in the BMB Smash Saturday Page.

I am starting this week with some hints and tips for making a book. I have bound this with a Bind-It-All. But you can do the same with Book Rings or Ribbons. The secret to a long last hand made book is the cover, I have used

  • Chipboard Weight Cardstock
  • Heavy Weight Double Sided Paper (I used Piggy Tales)
  • Bazzill Cardstock (for the inside cover)
  • Book Binding Glue
  • Double Sided Tape.

First Cover one side of the Chipboard with book binding glue. I use a sillicon spatular to get into the corners. You don’t need too much glue, just a thin coating over the whole of the chipboard. The 300ml Pot of Glue shown in the picture has last me 5 years to date and is only half empty and I make lots of books!

Last Weeks Sunday Magazines make great glue mats

When you have coated the glue, stick it to paper and then run over with a brayer for at least 3 – 5 minutes to make sure it full sticks and that there are no air bubbles. Leave for at least 30 minutes to dry after that

Brayers are your Friends

Once it has dried – trim the paper down – turn it over so that the right side is facing you and then with a bone folder score round the edge of the card. By doing this you ensure nice straight edges. Trim the card down to about an inch on all sides, cut the cards off at a diagonal going no closer to the edge of the cardstock than it is wide.

Apply book binding glue to the edges and stick down and brayer into place. You can then apply a contrasting colour cardstock and run an ink pad over all the edges to hide any possible inperfections. You can now line up the pages and bind as you want to…

Remember those pages I hinted at yesterday? They are made from Club Scrap Cardstock that I have had for years and I thought would be perfect for this project.

So this week’s challenge?

Smash your Home.. (Page 29 of How to be an Explorer)

We want to challenge you all to start off at home, over the next week – complete a page about what you love about your home or about what you would like to change…

Next Saturday I will be sharing my own page and the finished cover of the book.

Thanks for Reading



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One Response to Smash Saturday – Week 1 How to Make a Smash Book

  1. Sue Jones says:

    Looks Great !! I am SO tempted!!


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