Book Club – How to be an Explorer by Keri Smith

In celebration of the New Saturday Smash Challenge, I am going to look at the book we are using at the heart of the challenges

“How to be an Explorer of the World” By Keri Smith

Effectively Keri has written a guide to smash books, a couple of years before the concept was even invented. Keri challenges her readers to look at the world in new and fresh ways by showing us how we can capture it in all its glory and detail but also provides prompts to encourage us where to look and what to look for.

Isn’t this what Smash Books are all about?

This quirky, almost hand written book also reflects the spirit of Smash by providing an eclectic mixture of text and efemera.

The Best Bits

  • Fun and Whacky Layouts to get the creative juices flowing
  • Hints, tips and techniques on how to capture your world
  • Challenges and Prompts to guide you on your journey

Overall Impression – for Smash Books 10/10

Thanks for Reading



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