Book Club – Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery

The Primrose Bakery is one of the many Gourmet Bakeries that are springing up in London. They have two shops in Primrose Hill and Covent Gardens.

And like many of the of these Bakeries they have published their own cookbook written by co-owners Martha Swift and Lisa Thomas

Cupcakes from Primrose Bakery

This is a fairly new cupcake cookbook in my collection, I was put off it for a while after I read a couple of reviews describing it as a “beginners” cupcake cookbook. I picked it up for myself in WHSmiths and could see that although it was “clear” and “concise”… it was in no way just for beginnings. This is a great addition to any cupcake bakers library.

Split to sections, the main ones cover the Basics… Festive and Seasonal and then those for special occasions. The chapters cover both the cakes and the icings… Each cake has recommended toppings but with other suggestions as well.

And I love it, over the course of one weekend and the icing on a batch of Lemon Cupcakes I now have a new favourite staple cupcake cookbook


  • Clear Recipes – Builds on the Basics
  • Great Icings and Frostings – Can’t wait to try the Brandy Butter Cream Icing
  • Well written instructions
  • An excellent book for both beginners and experienced cupcakers

Overall Impression – 11/10 (even a 12/10 if the Brandy Icing lives up to expectations).

Thanks for Reading



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