Wednesday Weblinks – Pinterest

Todays weblink is both a crafting link and a cooking link, its the on-line storage and inspiration website Pinterest. Pinterest is a Portmanteau website where users are encourage to “pin” pictures and weblinks that that “interest” or inspire them.

If it sounds a little bit like an interactive bookmark website then you would be correct. But then again how many times have you searched through websites, favourites, and forums trying to find just the card, layout or cupcake that you knew would be perfect for your sister or brother??? and haven’t been able to find it??? With the aid of Pinterest and the toolbar app you can link any inspiration anywhere on the web to your pinterest site…

… and to make it easier you can organise your pins into pin boards – I have one for cupcakes. Can you guess what I am planning to bake from my recent pins????

There are a lot of Oreo Cupcake Recipes to Pin!

The only real down side of the site is that it is “invite only” but the good news is that invites are easy to come by, any user has a small number to give away (I have a couple of invites spare, if you want one – leave a comment)… or you can ask to be added to the waiting list and then you get an invite directly from Pinterest, I applied this way and had to wait about 6 minutes.

Strengths of the website:

  • It is easy to use and search
  • A great pictorial way to store all your inspiration in one place – regardless of where you got it from
  • A great way to see what is inspiring your friends as well
  • Its only a shame about the invite only stage.

Overall impression – 8/10. I like the idea of knowing exactly where I have seen that Card or Cupcake.

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