Wednesday Weblinks – An American Cupcake in London

I thought it would be a good week to look at a Cupcake Blog and one of my favourites – Kelly’s An American Cupcake in London.

I think that with baking being a solo hobby (its not easy to all use the over at the same time), blogging is a good way for cupcakers to keep up on trends and share recipes and ideas.

Many of the best Cupcakes Bloggers are American but that may just be because they have been doing for longer. However Kelly brings her American touches to British Cupcake-ing.

The website is a mixture of Recipes, Reviews of Cupcake Outlets and Showcasing some of the Best Cupcakes on the Market. Examples of posts this week include a cross over with my other favourite cupcake blog “Cupcakes that take the Cake”, a showcase of some fab cake pops and a Recipe for Home Made Lemonade

For me what Kelly Does best is inspire Brits to be as enthusiasic about their baking and to take risks, its a great place to hang out – so why don’t you pop over!

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