Photos – 07 July 2011 Longleat

PAM – Bake and Make’s “Picture A Month” slot will showcase a photo each week from around the West Country and will include hints and tips for photoshop elements as well as ideas for pictures and ideas for composition.

This week’s picture is about setting the scene. When you are holiday or out and about you can focus on the big things and miss the details which help to tell the who story.

Longleat – Lions Crossing Sign

Despite 100’s of pictures of animals taken at Longleat this week – I love this shot because it has great humour as well summing up Safari Parks… The animals are on the road.

However the background was very busy with the browns of the trees, the leaves and grass and a fence. By turning the picture black and white it levelled these details out but kept the textures. However if I had kept the whole picture black and white I would have lost the impact of the sign. So I put the red back in. Here is a simple three step process for Colour Masking.

Colour Masking in Photoshop

  1. Create a second layer from the background
  2. Desaturate the top layer so that is becomes black and white
  3. With the Eraser Tool “Rub Out” the black and white bits from the top layer to expose the colour from the layer below… Make sure you keep within the lines.

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