Smash Saturday – Something Smells

We Challenged you all last Saturday (well Sunday) to smash something that smells… what smells inspire you???

Well for us, this was the most fun week yet… trying to capture the fizz of the first coffee in the morning… the satisfaction of cakes in the oven and the calming effect of Partylite candles… all (as with every week) NOT SPENDING anything, after all you brought your stash for a reason – let it inspire you!!!!

Cakes, Candles, Puppies and Spring Flowers

We also challenged ourselves to just to do one side this week, a lot less real estate but much more fun…

mmm… Coffee

Trying Changing the size you are working on this week!

So on to this weeks challenge, well it had to be only one thing and that’s “Read All About It“… I want you to capture the essence of the news this week… this is inspired not just by the fact that the NEWS is the news this week but those Self Portrait Monkeys – I love those pictures!

Ideas include:

  • What Uplifting Stories make you think?
  • What makes you laugh out loud?
  • What in the news would you like to change?
  • Use a mosaic of pictures from the news
  • or Words from the headlines

Thanks for Reading



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I am a Baker I am a Maker and I live in Bristol Come and Join in the Fun
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