Christmas Tags – Using Mists…

One of the first steps in making tags is to colour the base cardstock. One of the easiest and most effective way to do this is to use a Misting Spray.

Misting Sprays are small bottles usually about 3-4 inches in height with a pump action spray. The are liquid (most often water base) and although not as intense as inks they give a strong colour.

They often come in two types – with or without Mica added. Those with have a slight sediment at the bottom and once you shake them up you will get a metallic sheen to the finished product. Those without just give a big bold blast of colour.

A Coloured Tag – Using Glimmer Mists with Mica Added

Here are some hints and tips:

  • Cover the whole area with newspaper – it will always spray farther than you think.
  • As with most liquid based paints and inks – they work best with light cardstocks. Glimmer Mists Chalkboard range is especially designed to work on dark cardstocks
  • The near you spray – the larger the blobs. The Tag I coloured above was held about 25cm away to give a fine covering. To get a rain drop effect hold the bottle about 15cm away and if you want really big blobs hold about 5cm away.
  • They can be mixed but its best to leave colour one to dry completely.
  • If you use bottles with Mica shake for at least a minute otherwise the nozzle will get clogged.
  • If the cardstock starts to curl (can be a problem with wet paints)… wait until completely dry and then flatten between two books.

There are a number of ranges of Mists out there; each come in a wide range of colours and many have sets of complementary colours. Some BMBs favourites include

  • Glimmer Mists (probably the best on the market)… Come in a range for both dark and light colours with seasonal limited colours.
  • Dylusions – either with or without Mica. A good British brand.
  • Cosmic Shimmer – another British Brand

For more information – look at the Tattered Angels Website… Next week we will start to build on the base.

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