Smash Saturday… Read All About It!!! With Freebie

Read All About It!!!

Read All About It!!!

This week the News is very much the News and BMB has its own first Digital Freebie – you can download it Here – Read all about it!

So this week I have been smashing the news, last week I made the flashcards (that you can down load as a freebie today) and kept details of the news, stories locally as well as nationally and how many times I watch or read the news (rather a lot on-line!)…. I have used those cards of the basis of my page for this week

BMB – News Smash-Flash Cards

Because this was about the news I want to keep the colours to red, black and white as well as only using type-fonts which are “News-Papery”. I really enjoyed collecting information about just the news this week and I like the fact that I now have a page that is so set in time.

This week’s challenge is about “Your Street” and is straight out of our “Exploring your World” handbook. I want you all to look at the street you live in with different eyes… how many red doors, how many doors have numbers on… how many blue cars? We have a lots of information at our finger – let’s get collecting it…

Thanks for Reading and if you use my downloads – share a link so that we can all enjoy your art work



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