Photos – Gorillas in the {Bristol} Mist

I am changing jobs this week so things may be a little of a mish-mash as I am spending the next couple of days baking and icing 100 cupcakes to take in…

So I thought I would start with this week’s Picture A Month … Both are taken of the Gorillas that are around the City of Bristol to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Bristol Zoo. There are over 60 in and around Bristol (and one in Birmingham)… and they are around until September when they will be auctioned for Charity.

Spotted at Cribbs (outside WHSmiths)

If you are going to challenge yourself to spot them – they why don’t you go for an angle that is different…? This is the angle I am capturing this year (as spotted at Costco in Avonmouth)…

Old Man of Forest (Costco)

If you do decide to follow the Gorillas – you can upload your pictures to the WOW-Gorilla Facebook site

Thanks for looking



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