Smash Saturday – Right Up Your Street

shhh… its a secret… this week’s page that is…

Its not until I finished it that I realised that I had included my whole address on the page and try as I might this morning I have not been able to photographic so that the address is obscured!

So here are some of the elements I used to create it:

The Things wot My Page Used

I can see why its a down fall of crafting about a local area as I am that you are going to know a little about where I live, especially as the Blog is based in and around Bristol! But we all have to take our on line safety seriously… Shame really because it was one heck of a page!

What I have learnt this week is that I don’t know my street or my neighbours at all. I have lived here for 10 years now and I am so unobservant as to what goes on out side of my front door, although this did last night!

The Houses in the Steet Opposite!

The next 4 weeks on Smash Saturday we are going to follow a theme… and to kick us off we are going to look at:

Something Old

You can use old stash or old memories or Smash where you intend to be when you are 64…. (not that 64 is old…:))

Thanks for Reading



About Wobette

I am a Baker I am a Maker and I live in Bristol Come and Join in the Fun
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