Here’s Some More I Baked Earlier… Oreo Cupcakes

I love the idea of Oreo Cupcakes… the type where you have half the biscuit in the bottom and ice them with the rest…Playing Hide the Oreo

The batter for these is slightly different as it is not make with cocoa powder but with melted chocolate (Check out the Primrose Bakery Cookbook for details of the recipe). I baked as normal and as recommended in the book and found them more souffle like at first and unfortunately over-baked them a little bit which meant they had to go in to work the next day with Mr BMB…

Waiting to be iced with white cream icing and crushed oreo…

I would like to try the recipe itself again but I would probably with my oven reduce the time by a minute or two…

Even though they were a little dry – they were still very nice. My next challenge has got to be Carrot Cupcakes I think!

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