Here’s One I Baked… It’s Christmas

This is a cake that was most definitely Baked Earlier… In fact the cake was baked back in October… Yes it’s that time of year!!! It’s Christmas Cake Time

The Bake and Make Christmas Cake 2011

Like a lot of Bakers in the UK, there is only one cake recipe for me – it’s Delia’s Christmas Cake Recipe, I have been using it for 10 years now – tweaking it here and there (for example – no Cherries but more nuts!)

For my non-British readers, Delia is our answer to Martha Stewart and in 1978 she published a Christmas Cake recipe, which is now used by 1000’s across the country and even comes in a pre-weighed out bag from Waitrose. It is so easy to use that it is the only really rich fruit cake I would make and you get great results every time šŸ™‚

Its been covered with a think covering of Marzipan (because Mr Wobble loves marzipan) and icing in two colours.

The decoration is inspired by two sources, firstly by a cake from the Decorated Cookie blog and secondly from Decembers Good Food Magazine.

To decorate your cake in a similar way you will need

  • Blue Icing (350g rolled out for the sides and 50g shaped in a cone)
  • White Icing (350g rolled into a 9 inch circle with a wavy shaped edge for the top. 50g rolled into two balls, one slightly smaller and both slightly flatten.)
  • desiccated Coconut – wet the top of the cake and sprinkle over the white icing. Pat down and leave to dry.

To make the tree

  • Roll 50g into a 5 cm tree
  • Silver balls – Push the randomly in the blue icing cone,
  • Wet the bottom of the cone and push on to the top of the tree

To make the snowman

  • Roll out two balls of white icing, one smaller than the other – flatten slightly
  • Fix the larger bottom one to the cake with a cocktail stick leave about 1/2 cm poking out of the top
  • Push three silver buttons into the bottom circle to make the buttons
  • Fix the smaller circle to the body using the cocktail stick
  • Push in 1 Orange Smartie to make the nose
  • Using an Icing Pen draw on eyes and a big smile

The Orange and Blue on White also makes it perfect for the two tone challenge over at Allsorts Blog.

It’s a very simple and very effective way to decorate a cake!

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