A Random Foodie Post – Za Za Bazaar

Although this blog is mainly about craft in and around Bristol – it is also about food and I thought I would do a review about a new restaurant which has recently opened in Bristol – Za Za Bazaar

I spent a fantastic evening there with some good friends from work – it was perfect for a good girlie evening – amazing food, amazing service all for #12.99 per head (plus a share of some happy hour bottles of wine – which also kept the cost down)

I love the Street Food Market concept so have been excited about this place since it opened last month and I got the chance to go last night with some of the Girls from work.

Firstly why is it different from other places in Bristol? It’s an “All you care to eat” bar and eatery on the Harbourside, so nothing really different there. It has a fab value Happy Hour between 5pm and 7pm each night, so nothing really different there either. The first clue that is something is different is you don’t get a menu – you get a map!!!

First the decor… It’s out of this world, it looks rustic but works well, the bar down stairs is cosy and with plenty of comfy seats a great place to grab a drink, there is music in the background but it is quiet enough to hear yourself talk. There is a lot of bottled beers, wines and cocktails on offer as well as a great Happy Hour menu. Upstairs in more of the same, lots of tables of different sizes and an eclectic collection of lamps and light hanging from the ceiling

In the restaurant itself, there are over 700 seats arranged around the outside of a series of food stations, each one representing an area of the world or a type of cuisine.

Each station is full of food that is available for you to help yourself to, starters, mains and sides as well as Yellow Spots which are manned by a chef who will provide fresh hot food straight to your plate (for examples – noodles, stir fry, naan breads, fajita, pasta etc) There are also other chefs in the stations whose role it is to make sure that the food on the buffet is delivered “Just in Time” so it doesn’t run out or get over stocked.

You can book (and I suggest you do) for the 5 o’clock, 7 o’clock or 9 o’clock slot and when you arrive you are assigned a table… You can arrive before your slot and enjoy the fantastic bar and when your time comes – head upstairs and you will be shown to your pre selected table.

Once there you are free to wander around the Bazaars and select what ever you takes your fancy, the amazing waiting staff are on hand to clear away dirty plates, keep the water flowing and provide drinks from the bar! They are right to be proud of their wide range of drinks from around the world

For such a large place – the back ground noise was just right, we had gone out to have a catch up and a proper chat – and you could hear the music and you could hear yourself talk – just right!

So what about the food itself? I have eaten in a lot of “All You Care To Eat” places around the world and the food here is some of the best. I can’t cover all the examples I saw or even ate but here are some of the gems we uncovered in our group of 5…

All of those Marked with a V are suitable for Vegetarians


  • Rogan Josh Curry (Yum)
  • Pilau Rice (Light and Fluffy)
  • Popodoms, pickles and dips V (Oh Wow – I love their cucumber Raita)
  • Dal Makhani V (A very rich Lentil curry dish)
  • Fresh Made Naan Dish V (Made whilst you wait and I haven’t tasted them quite this good since we went to Goa!)
  • Bombay Aloo V (I wish all potatoes were this good!)
  • Chicken Tikka (Again Freshly made whist you wait)

Far East

  • Noodle Bar V (made whilst you wait, you choose can choose a veg option or have them with meat or fish)
  • Stir Frys from around the world V (flash fried in a Wok whilst you wait again – with or without meat and choose your sauce.)
  • Sushi (According to the fish eaters – a huge wow)
  • Tempura Veg (Crisp and Fresh – with a range of dips)
  • Duck Pancakes you make yourself
  • Spring Rolls, Dim Sum, Goyoza and wide wide range of dipping sauces

Tex Mex

  • Burgers, Hot Dogs and BBQ Grills made whilst you wait with all the trimmings
  • Beer Battered Onion Rings V – Mmmmm very moorish
  • A wide wide range of Chicken rings (from lightly spiced to hot and WOW)
  • Make your Own Nachos V – add what ever you want to them including the freshest Pico De Galo I have ever tasted, I am going back just for that
  • fajitas – made for you whilst you wait
  • Chilli (mmmm again, even better than some I have had in the states) and I am told that the Veg Chilli V is just as good
  • Oh and Chips 🙂

Salad Bar

  • I love fresh Hummus V and this hit the spot with their fresh Pita Breads V
  • A range of middle eastern, greek and european salads V packed with fresh veg and fruit. I didn’t know there was so many ways to serve tomatoes
  • A range of freshly made potato salads V which went well with the curry from the indian station
  • Every type of salad leaves you can think of V


  • Pasta Cooked whilst you wait V – with both Meat and Veg options, pick your sauce, pick your pasta and let them cook it
  • Pizza V Again some meat, some veg… the range is always changing
  • Roast Turkey, Roast Potatoes and Gravy (we didn’t actually have any of this – but it was there!)
  • Irish Stew (one of our group Lurved this :))
  • Peri Peri Chicken – Choose your own strength
  • Olives V any way you want them!
  • Oh and Chips 🙂 V

The Desserts (aka OMG – next time I am starting with them!)

  • Cheesecakes, brownies, pastries – all bite size and not all of them covered in chocolate
  • Unlike the chocolate fountain – choose your spear and get smothering in chocolate
  • Ice Cream – In a cone, in a bowl, on your profiterols… you choose
  • A wide range of Fresh Fruit
  • A Sweet Buffet (with very nice jelly beans)
  • Small bowls of creme brulee, tiramisu, mousse , trifles – just for starters
  • Cupcakes – must try these next time
  • Crumble and Bread and Butter Pudding if you fancy something hot (the crumble was lush so I am told)

I think you can see we were really impressed, we were a mixed groups from singles to those with young children, slightly older ones and me as a married… we all said we would go back and have even booked a party for next month to celebrate a couple of birthdays.

This really deserves to succeed because there is real heart in it – the quality of staff and slick-ness of processes show that… It is perfect for Bristol which celebrates it multi cultural background!

I am looking forward to go back and taking Mr BMB shortly

Thanks for Reading


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