Friday Feeling – Rediscovering Old Loves

Like a lot of Crafters, I have dabbled with a lot of different crafts over the years and like a lot of girls I started with knitting.

I learnt the basics of knitting at around the age of 5 or 6 and I can remember being around 11 and having a sponsored knit at Guides and it was one of my chosen skill sets for my GCSE Textiles (I adopted a children’s toy pattern to knit a big fat round pig in a tutu!!)

And then I stopped…

My Mother was a very talented seamstress and when I was a child, she knitted, sewed, made toys, clothes and soft furnishings. As I grew, I erred towards Cross Stitch as the “ridged-ness” of the patterns didn’t appeal to her and therefore being the independent teenager I was – that meant it automatically appealed to me. I drifted away from other textiles crafts after she passed away and concentrated on my Cross Stitching.

I cross-stitched through my twenties until a back injury started to make it painful to do for periods of time. Around that time I discovered card making, stamping and scrapbooking, crafts I could do and achieve results in a much shorter period of time.

As I look into the craft area of “BMB Towers” I see a lot of paper crafts which I love but I have been wanting new challenges for a few months now. A very busy year at work has left me wanting to do something that I can do sitting on the sofa. Something that could be built on…

So I started to knit again, I am not sure why but I am loving it. Over a couple of nights this week, I have knitted a little toy which I have really enjoyed. I’ve revisited my old favourite Jean Greenhowe and have fallen in love with her toys again.

I have a full set of toys I want to complete as part of my Craft 2012 challenge and I am on the look out for a simple part-work Cross Stitch Kit (something like a month by month kit!) as I fancy giving that a go again!

I am going to spend some time over the weekend on a couple of scrapbook layouts and I love having the choice of crafts… I also have cakes to bake for work.

The world can be amazingly creative – we shouldn’t have to limit ourselves!

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