Sunday Book Club – Fat Witch Brownies

There has been one book that has been on my wish list since the day after it was published and that is “The Fat Witch Brownie Cook Book” by Patricia Helding from the New York Fat Witch Bakery.

So I was more than a little excited to receive a copy for Christmas 🙂

It’s not the biggest book, at about 7 inch square it runs to 166 pages but as not every recipe is illustrated they make the most of the space they have. And the don’t just cover Brownie recipes… there are a whole range of brownie, blondies as well as fruit tray bakes and a whole range of bars!!!

{BMB Disclaimer – before I go any further… This is an american book so all the recipes are in Cups. DO NOT LET THIS PUT YOU OFF!!! You can get cups in Fun or Simple designs – I got a great Disney set for christmas too! If you have not used cups – go on give it a go!}

Patricia Helding advocates a simple but effective way of baking brownies… and it comes down to this as long as you have a 9 inch square baking tin, an electric mixer (or elbow grease) and your measuring cups – you can make all the recipes in the book.

The recipes are simple to combine and quick to cook, making them ideal for a rich, spontaneous dessert.

This is a must cookbook for any brownie lover – don’t let the Americanisms put you off!

Thanks for Reading



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