Friday Feeling – Cakes, the New Raising Agents?

Like a lot of Bakers, I love the Great British Bake Off and I have loved the Great Sports Relief Bake Off this week, even if most of the celebrities were shown up by the Junior Bake Off contestant, I have watched some of the baking through my fingers with comedy horror at the mistakes.

2012 Bake Off Logo

But it has got me thinking, over the last couple of years home baking has become big business and as a very natural step – Bake Sales are now also big business for charities.

And for me this makes sense. If you like making cakes, you like making cakes but there is only some many cakes you, your family and friends can eat. So Bake Sales are a great way to cook and play and do some good.

Not only is Sports Relief encouraging you to Bake but so did Blue Peter and Children in Need this year. Only in the last couple of days a new group has been created on Facebook to bring together charitable bakers called Baking Angels.

The Sports Relief Site has a great page of helpful hints for Bakers who want to join in and Bake For Charity… including

  • Make sure you have a list of ingredients at hand to reassure people with allergies
  • Mix low-fat treats with full-fat ones to attract everyone (especially in January).
  • Cut your Cakes into slices that are easy to handle.
  • Make sure you have plenty of change.
  • Remember just one cake can make a difference!!

Lets all get cooking and save a life!

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