Here’s One I Made Earlier… Christmas Knitting

It’s about time that I shared a couple more of my Christmas knitting projects. Both of these projects are from Jean Greenhowe‘s Christmas Special Pattern Book, from her last-minute patterns.

Available from Amazon

Firstly a Mini Santa… this is a simple toy which can be made in an evening from odds and ends. The hat is stitched at a jaunty angle and the knitted beard is very effective. He is currently keeping Ig the Snowman company by the fire.

Think I need to add a little colour to his cheeks

The other little project was for my dear friend Ross, who needed a little Guardian Angel who I called Charis. Ross’s favourite colour is purple so is Charis’s which is good… here she is:

Little Charis (she now has a flower in her hair!)

The wings make this little angel and they just use Garter Stitch and the hair is also very effective. When I make another I am going to play with giving her a nose… Not sure how at the moment

Both of these use 3mm needles and DK wool. The cheeks use a red drawing pencil.

Thanks for Reading – these are No 9 and No 10 on my Craft 2012 project.



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