Wednesday Weblinks – Becky Higgins Project Life

I have been holding off sharing this link until you could buy the kits in the UK and as from 4pm today, Project Life is available in the UK

Becky Higgins made her name in the magazine – Creating Keepsakes and since leaving, she has developed a scrapbooking system using pre printed cards and divided page protectors for recording your day-to-day life – Your Project Life.

Project Life is about maintaining a record through short notes and photos of your daily life from shopping to eating to walking the dog. It’s about capturing the simple memories. As everything is pre cut and pre printed – it all matches and the hard work is taken out of the decisions you make.

Over the last couple of years she has developed a colourful range of Kits, making it easy to record your daily life and share pictures to capture your 2012.

Accents, Journalling Cards and Binders

And from today they are available in the UK from Becky’s Project Partners – Just click on the Europe Icon from Her Website Here. If you are more interested in Digital Scrapbooking, Jessica Sprague provides a full set of Kits just for you.

Big Picture Classes also provide a FREE classroom where you can share with others building the Project Life scrapbook from around the world.

I am still on the fence as to whether I want to start it right away as I am busy at work – but I love the idea of capturing the simple things in life.

If you decide to go for it – let me know!

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2 Responses to Wednesday Weblinks – Becky Higgins Project Life

  1. may says:

    thinking about the fact that it’s a year long commitment seems dreadful but i am going to attempt this project this year. i will make it as easy and simple as possible. i hope.


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