Friday Feeling – A Good Show of Craft…

I am writing today’s Friday Feeling a day early as I am off to Kent so that my Mother-in-Law and I can go to a Craft Show at the New Glow Exhibition Centre, a part of the Bluewater Shopping Complex. I am off to…

Two Shows in One – Brought to you by ICHF

ICHF is the company behind some of the biggest craft shows in the country, this one covers Paper Crafts and Classic Arts as part of the Hobbycraft show as well as knitting and stitching as part of the Creative Stitches show.

As well as the stalls, there will be demonstrators including the Create and Craft Channel Expert Stephanie Weightman who will be doing classes as well as Helen Deighan, a quilting expert who will be showing her wares. There is also a display of the costumes used from the popular TV Show Downton Abbey.

But the biggest draw is the stalls, I haven’t counted the lists but looking through them, there are about 100 different companies and demos going over the weekend, many of the shops will be tempting you in with special offers, I am on the hunt for good deals on smooth white card, Christmas stamps, promarkers and fancy scarf yarns and I have been plotting my shopping list for about a week.

Craft Shows are a good way to see a lot of little delights and gems you may not know about it. It’s also a good way to discover new companies, kit and techniques that may normally pass you by. If you have a chance to come along over the weekend – you may find something new!

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