Monday Inspiration – Serendipity Styles

The Less Is More Blog is challenging you this week to use aqua in your design. Aqua is such a fresh, clean colour and can complement a range of blues and greens as well as black and white. To inspire you even further here is a rich aqua pallet, you can almost taste the brine with this one:

Design Seeds – Aqua

Secondly this week – if you are looking for an on-line class which will inspire you, stretch you and make you look at your papercrafts in a new way, May Flaum has a new 12 week class over at Big Picture Classes – the Curious Scrapbooker’s Field Guide.

Click on the Logo for more information

May is an amazing hands-on teacher who is inspiration with her ideas and enthusiasm for her crafts. If you sign up to this, you will have a great 12 weeks and will end up with projects to be proud of. The class starts on Thursday

Serendipity Skills

I also want to share the techniques I used this week to produce two of my cards this weekend, He is one of them…

Using Serendipity to Celebrate

Serendipity Squares and Strips are great way to use your scraps to produce effective and eye-catching backgrounds. I used strips of scraps as well as the torn squares as shown here, regardless of which style you use they start in the same way…

For the two designs from this weekend – follow these simple steps…

Step 1 – Cut a piece of card just smaller than the card you are using. Cover the card completely in a dry glue (I recommend a Xryon or Spray Glue)

Step 2 – Collect your scraps and either tear then into 2cm chunks or 1cm strips

Step 3 – Cover the Glued Card in your scraps or strips. HINT – it’s easier with stripes to start in the middle and with scraps to start at the edges.

Step 4 – Once you have covered all of the glue surface – turn it over and trim off your edges. HINT – if you have small gaps with Serendipity Scraps design, sprinkle on glitter or embossing powder to add some extra glam, depth and sparkle.

Step 5 – Mount the design on a contrasting colour (I chose black) to set off the details and colours. Adhere to the front of the card and embellish as you want to.

The Finished Card

Once you have played with the basics – you can use your die cutter to cut out shapes or letters (you need either a deep blade or one that can be cut through two layers of card). You can also use it to cut out frames for pictues on a Layout.

Lastly as this is a West Country Blog, I want to share a competition. Bristol is launching its own local currency and if you want to try your hand at designing the notes – you can enter the competition here

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