Here’s One I Made – A Scarf with a difference

I fell in love with a style of wool I saw on a Create and Craft Knitting Programme…

The wool is easy to use, this scarf took less than a day to knit and I love the final effect…

Most of my friends will be getting these for Christmas or their Birthday, depending on which comes first!

Hispaniola Fancy Yarn Scarf

You need 7mm/8mm needles and you knit using the holes in the yarn… the only thing that resembles real real knitting is casting off at the end!

The only pattern you need comes on the band of the yarn of wool… You can purchase it here at the Fancy Yarn Company.

If you want to know more about knitting with Hispaniola Wool – Check out my post here

Thanks for Looking – this is No 19 in my Craft 2012 Project



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4 Responses to Here’s One I Made – A Scarf with a difference

  1. Ang says:

    I’m knitting one at the moment….in the green & blue…..they’re so easy aren’t they? Mine is for me tho………not a presie! lol


  2. Mrs S OReilly says:

    I have just finished my 2nd Hispaniola scarf – the only thing I am struggling with is finishing off and tidying it up – as you have to leave 3 holes I find that the first row becomes really wide when finished and after I have cast off there is one stitch left which I thread the bid of yarn through which is left over, then I try and sew it up and neaten the ends, but I am not happy with the finish of the second one – it looks so bulky at the each end – I cannot really sew very well and I do very little knitting – where am I going wrong – would appreciate any help!


    • Emma W says:

      Hi Mrs OReilly

      I have had the same problem with think ends, the way I got round it was I knitted the first couple of rows on 7 stitches and then “added” an 8th after about three rows. You just do that by adding the next third V as a new stitch at the end of a row.

      At the other end I cast of one stitch with three rows to go so I knit the last three rows on 7 stitches – I then cast off 6 of the stitches as you would do normally and then using a needle and thread I stitch the final knitting stitch back into the centre of the row, it also means I can tidy the row up.

      My friend has been wearing the first scarf I am for about a month and it seems to be holding that way.

      I hope it helps

      Emma W (Bake and Make in Bristol)


      • Mrs S OReilly says:

        Hi Emma W
        Thanks for your help and quick reply – I will try what you have suggested with my next one. I am knitting some for friends and family and want them to look neat at the ends

        S OReilly


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