Wednesday Weblinks – All2Knit

Ok I know its a day late, but I really want to share this amazing project and website.

On display at the ICHF was a knitting project celebrating the coast and raising money for the RNLI. Made from 100 of knitted parts whcih came together to create a 3D walk-through grotto of the British Seaside… Called Above and Below the Waves

Knited Stones, Sand and People beside the Sea

The View of Cliffs – great use of Pompoms

A Knitted Man of the Sea

The Project has been put together by the All2Knit Website. This is the third time the team from Devon have put together a collaborative knitting project for charity and they have some amazing projects in the pipe line that you all can join in with…

It doesn’t matter how new you are to knitting – this team as you to contribute one small item and they will do the rest…

Their next two project are large 3D books, one on theme of Methology and the other nature… so if you can do knit a leaf, a spring flower, a toadstall or crochet a snowflake – send it to them! If you can knit a 4 inch green scale for a dragon or an 8 inch cream / white page of a book or a mini mythical beast – they want to have them too

Hints of the Next Project

This is an amazing worthwhile project, originating in the West Country that I encourage you to get involved in.

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