Wednesday Weblinks – PollyCrafts

Ok, so Wednesday Weblinks is late again this week but we were in Street in Somerset yesterday listening to Chris Packham sharing his wildlife adventures and photography tips.

However I wanted to share my new current favourite website – Pollycrafts, a great source for Digital Stamps.

So what is a Digital Stamp? Well its an outline JPEG that you can resize, print out, colour and then mount and embellish to create great looking cards.

So why not just use a rubber stamp? Well for me, at the moment it comes down to time, space and cost. I am looking for a wide range of images to use on cards and if I was to buy them all in stamps I wouldn’t have the space to store them or money to buy them in the first place (!)

Also Rubber Stamping can take time, I use the high quality Ranger Archival Ink Pads and they give a clear image but do take time to dry completely so that I can colour them in.

So I have been looking for an alternative that allows me to create with the time I have available but still look effective and I turned to Pollycrafts.

A PollyCraft Design

With a mixture of cute, fun and punky pictures to download, there is something for everyone, most of them only cost 99p each. Because they are JPEGs you can resize them in Word or Photoshop Elements to fit the card size you want. You can also make your own decoupage by printing out a number of the same image.

If you fancy trying it out, Pollycrafts have a mega bundle, over 100 images for #9.99 (about 10p per stamp)… You will find so many elements to keep you busy all year.

PollyCrafts also have a brilliant Challenge Blog too

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