Friday Feeling – Getting the Party Feeling Pt 2

This is the second part of my short series on Creative Party Plan Companies and today I am celebrating the top Food Party Plan Pampered Chef

Discover the Chef in You

Pampered Chef have been around in the UK since 1999, having been found in the USA in the 1980s, they specialise in a wide range of kitchen and table ware that not only is highly functional but looks good as well. Ranges include

A sneak peek…

Pampered Chef Parties are fun and tasty with your local rep sharing some of their favourite recipes by demoing the goods.

I have recently invested in the Stoneware Brownie Tin and have been very pleased with the results… It’s perfect for giving that crisp outer edge to your cakes. I am currently angling for the Muffin Tin in the same range.

Like many Party Plans there are great gifts for hostesses and guests which change on a monthly basis.

If you want to try to Pampered Chef and book a party, my local consultant can help… Go to the Pampered Chef website here and look up Helen Cole from Weston Super Mare.

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