Here’s One I Made… A Christmas Scarf

This is another Hispaniola Yarn Scarf I have completed for one of my best friends for Christmas (She’s already had a birthday this year…)

Different colour scheme this time, lots of lovely rich greens.

A Christmas Present in the Making

After my last post, I was asked to give some more details into how to knit with this wool, we for a scarf you need one ball and size 7mm.

The wool when stretched, you can see that it is made of net or mesh… you use the every third loop in the wool to hook 8 stitches onto a needle.

There is a “Right” and as the yarn is in front of you the right side is where the glittery edge curls up towards you.

You need to knit into the V-Shaped Stitches at the top of the yarn!

To knit the scarf, Insert your needle into the stitch created by the loop, wrap the straight top of every third “V” loop around your needle as you would with any wool and knit normally. For the next stitch, choose the following third loop and knit into that.

There are some fantastic instructions here.

It can be fiddly to start with but these scarfs take me about 6 hours to complete.

Thanks for Reading – this is No 26 in my Craft 2012 Project



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3 Responses to Here’s One I Made… A Christmas Scarf

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  2. Julie Bonser says:

    Hi How many balls of wool do tou need for this please?.


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