Wednesday Weblinks – Pudding Camera Club

I am not sharing a link today, I am sharing an App (with a link to a Facebook site), one that is available for both Android and the iPhone and that is the Pudding Camera Club.

Oh and its FREE

Its been around for a while but its only been available in English for a couple of weeks and its good and it works.

Working with the inbuilt camera in your phone, it allows you to add effects and filters to produce atmospheric pictures.

Remember this shot of my Cupcakes from the weekend?

Or this one of the ingredients?

Both of these were taken using Pudding Camera, I didn’t have to do anything but point and press.

The interface is very simple to use, when you open it you need to select two elements, scroll up and down to choose the effect, represented by a picture of a camera and then you choose a filter by scrolling along a range of film rolls.

Select your Camera and Film,

In this case they have selected the Panorama Effect and the Vintage Blue Filter.

Once selected it will open up your camera interface and just “click” the button when you are ready to take your picture.

Photos can then be uploaded to blogs/Facebook/twitter etc and will give you a unique look.

Simple to use, amazing effects

Thanks for Reading



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