Friday Feeling – Shopping Off The Telly

Another early Friday Feeling this week as I am in London with work tomorrow…

I thought I would carry on my mini series on purchasing craft goodies with a look at Shopping from the Telly.

There are two main channels which sell crafts. The first is the original UK Shopping Channel QVC.

QVC have recently revamped their craft shows and for me there is a renewed interest in big established names and good deals.

QVC is split into (usually) 1hr or 2hr shows where an established presenter will be joined with someone who is an expert in the products on sale. As the time moves on they will showcase the products and demonstrate how to get the most out of them.

They have a lot of BIG names from the States (where QVC is also established) as well as a number of special offers. The “Todays Special Value” or TSV is one product which is on offer each day or until it sells out, there are also Hot Picks and Seasonal Specials which also may offer a reduced price or free postage or some other incentive to buy.

You can order on-line, via the red button or via the telephone. I like the website personally and find it easy to use.

The second channel family with a craft bias is Ideal World (Ch 644) and Create and Craft (Ch 671)

The Create and Craft Channel is the only current dedicated craft channel and covers a wide range different crafts but live hours and pre-recorded (which means you don’t always know if it’s in stock).

Ideal World does have the occasional “Pick of the Day” Craft Special offer but the The Create and Craft Channel doesn’t have anything similar although it has a range of weekly and time limited special offers which can be showcased over a longer period of time and takes off the need to make an immediate decision.

They have good deals on the post and packaging deals and you can order via the phone or their website.

I started my papercraft journey via TV crafts, I was ill for a few months about 10 years ago and whilst I was recovering I started watching the craft programmes on QVC and immediately thought “I could do better than that…” I ordered the basics and have been stamping and sticking ever since. I am still fond of the TV craft programmes and still make the occasional purchase, especially as now I find that the seem to be getting better value for money.

You get to see the goods demonstrated which can be helpful and you can also return them if you don’t get on with them. If you haven’t caught the shows – give them a go.

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