Here’s One I Took… Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire is considered by some to be the birth place of British Photography. It is photographic at the best of times but until the 4th March they are hosting an exhibition of wire sculptures by local artist Derek Kinzett.

If you are free in the next week – this is a must to see. 9 pieces are arranged around the grounds of the Abbey and will take you about an hour and a half to walk around them all.

Here’s a hint – take your shots in Portrait Mode to capture the details in the face…

(c) Derek Kinzett – Close Up of “The Green Man”

Second Hint – try to capture a shot that captures the season as well. Lacock is awash with crocus and snow drops at the moment and the season for these is very short. So try to frame a short that tells the story of the park not just the subject.

(c) Derek Kinzett – The Lady and Her Bicycle

The Exhibition runs until the 4th March 2012.

Thanks for Looking



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