Monday Inspiration – A Hint of Italy

Taking my lead from the Food Network, I have chosen a colour scheme this week with a hint of Italy – Tuscan Gold.  To encourage myself, I am going to use this scheme in a Scrapbook Layout later in the week.

A Tuscan Sunset

The reason for the Italian theme is the Food Network has a themed month that is almost over entitled A Taste of Italy. They have some great opportunities for prizes as well as a month full of tasty italian recipes. The Food Network (Sky Ch 262) are also featuring some great Italian Shows

The Good Food Website are starting a new feature, their Cake of the Week and this week is a Baked Raspberry and Lemon Cheesecake.

A Rich Baked Cheesecake

There are a couple of Big Picture Classes, starting this week.

First off there is Scrapbooking Your Faith, it doesn’t matter which religious group you belong to or whether your faith is in science and gravity, this course about looking at your and your beliefs. Click on the logo for more information

The second course is also about scrapping yourself, brought to you by Aaron Morris, one of the top male scrapbookers, All About Me is about capturing the details of your day-to-day life. This looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Don’t forget you have an opportunity to record you life on one day this week and record what you do this leap day with Capturing 2902. I will be sharing my own day later in the week

If you are going further a field over the next couple of months and are heading to London, I recommend the photographic opportunities that come with the Easter Egg Hunt. Smaller than the Gorillas we had last year in Bristol, some of them are very well hidden. Sadly one of the eggs was stolen over the weekend. This is what it looks like in all its glory in Carnaby Street, so lets hope it’s returned.

Please help in its return…

If You are interested in photography, I want to draw your attention to an exciting competition for Bristol Photographers – More details can be found here – RGB Photographic Competition. Closing Date is 15 March 2012

Just a quick heads up for the Bristol festival Of Photography which is held once every two years and is coming up in May – Save the Date. More details to follow but you can read about it here – BFOP

For all Bristol Artists, there is a fantastic new opportunity which is so “Bristol” – Stapleton Road Tavern is trying to turn a dead-end pub into a fantastic art opportunity… This is a must to support


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