Wednesday Weblinks – Good Food, Good Website

A slightly belated Wednesday Weblinks this week and I am looking at one of the largest Cooking Websites in the UK, the BBC Good Food Website.

(c) BBC Good Food – Welsh Cakes

The BBC Good Food Website grew out of the very popular Good Food Magazine, which in turn supports the rich food programmes of the BBC.

The website has a wide-ranging Back catalogue of recipes which are fully indexed, meaning you can search on meal type, food type or ingredients.

They also arrange the recipes into collections, so for example today they are celebrating Welsh cooking, next week we could see chocolate sponge recipes.

Each Recipe has clear ingredient lists, easy to follow instructions with key parts in bold and a stunning photos of the food. You can choose to add your recipe to your own “binder” or share it via twitter or facebook.

To complement the recipes, their blog has articles from top food writers and on-line videos taking you from the basics to some quite intricate recipes.

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