Friday Feeling – When is it all right with copyright?

This week we have seen Google update its privacy policy, despite the EU questioning whether the new policy may not now be legal in the Europe. Now in my life outside of BMB, I know work with the privacy and data protection laws and understand there is a fine line between what is and is not acceptable so I am watching this closely.

But Google is not the only ones causing concerns, Facebook now has a privacy statement which is longer than the American Constitution which enshrines all of their rights. My big problem with Facebook is that their’s changes every time they change the interface and it’s not always clear as to what thee overall impact of changes are.

So although I am worried professionally, as a crafter I am more concerned about copyright. I don’t understand much about copyright but I know that if I create something unique I should be recognised as the creator of it. The current policy statement with Google allows your information that you store on-line to be shared with “partners” to improve service… But they aren’t saying how.

The site causing most concern in crafting circles is Pinterest. Pinterest allows your images to be shared much wider than your immediate circle of friends as it is such an easy to search and share site. So its greatest strengths are also a big concern.

I have started to make some adjustments to this site to make sure I don’t fall foal of any problems with this.

  • I make sure that if I want to share an image from another site – I link back to the image and don’t directly copy.
  • When I take a photo to share of third-party art work or food design I include (c) in the name and caption for the photo.
  • If I am pinning from a third-party website – I cite them in the description of the pin, Rhomany has a good example of what to add in her post her.

It’s a shame that people can appreciate good art and craft without giving the right credit to who deserves it and that suspicion is around every corner.

Please Enjoy the Crafts we all share and thanks for reading



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