Sunday Book Club – Jean Greehowe Booklets

Some of the first “craft books” I own as a child was the knitted toy pull outs from Woman’s Weekly by Jean Greenhowe.

As I have recently taken ownership of her latest booklet – Doughnut Delights, I thought it was time that I paid homage to her.

(c) Jean Greehowe

Jean Greenhowe has been designing for Woman’s Weekly since the 6o’s and my mum introduced her patterns to me in the late 80’s when I was in my early teens, starting with christmas decorations and moving to Humptys. I even adapted one of her humpty patterns into a Ballet Dancing Piglet for part of my GCSE Textiles.

(c) Jean Greenhowe – From Her New Book

Jean now has around 24 books in print and you can get them from most good yarn shops as well Amazon (I would recommend Patricia 11300 for her books on Amazon). They cover mascot dolls, Christmas Knitting, Topsy Turvy Dolls, Clowns and Scarecrows. In fact there is something for everyone… I am currently knitting cuddly snowballs in various Football colours.

The patterns themselves are simplicity elevated to art form. For nearly all of the project as long as you can knit, purl, increase, make and decrease you can complete this projects. There are easy enough for beginners but effective enough to keep the interest of more specialised knitters. If you want to see what patterns are in here various books – you can see the details here, just click on each pattern book to see the content of each book.

Jean’s Website has some free patterns if you want to try her work without purchasing a pattern book.

If you have never knitted a toy, this is a great place to work.

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One Response to Sunday Book Club – Jean Greehowe Booklets

  1. carolyn says:

    How cute is he – I must give it a go. Thank you for sharing


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