Here’s One I Baked… Pink Bunny Cupcakes

I couldn’t share this yesterday just in case the Birthday Girl caught a glimpse…

But What’s Pink?

And Glittery?

With marshmallow Bunnies on the Top?

Why Pink Glittery Bunny Cupcakes made especially for Debbie in the office.

Pink in every way…

The Cakes themselves are a marbled pink and white, I added pink food paste to half of the mix when I spooned the mix into the cases. I added two teaspoons of white and pink mix into each cup and stirred slightly with a cocktail stick.

The icing is sprinkled with non-toxic glitter and I found the perfect marshmallow Bunnies for Debbie in ASDA.

My only problem is that with it being my own birthday next week – I need to increase the WOW factor even more

Thanks for reading, this is No 35 in my Craft 2012 Project



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