Here’s One I’m Going to Make… Friendly Plastic

I have been aware of Friendly Plastic for years but never seen it used to its full potential until I was at Bluewater in February… I fell in love with and have been waiting for some to arrive to have my own play…

Well my goodie bag arrived this evening and I can’t wait to get started, how long to the weekend?

So what is Friendly Plastic?

It was developed in 1970s and 1980s, partly for the medical services but because of its unique properties it was introduced as a craft modelling substance in 1984.

Brought in 7 x 1.5 inch colourful strips it can be cut with household scissors into various shapes and sizes but the magic happens when it is heated.

It becomes completely pliable when heated with a hotplate or (most usual in the UK) with a heat gun. It takes about a minute and when warm it can be mixed, marbled, bent or twisted. You can meld two different colours together by heating them together. It keeps the fantastic clear colours or you can add to the colour with nail polish.

I can’t wait to start… If you have already played with Friendly Plastic and have any tips, let me know…

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