Wednesday Weblinks… She’s Back, Heidi Swapp

This week saw the re-launch of one of the BIGGEST names in Scrapbooking, after a hiatus of {too long}, Heidi Swapp and her unique style is back…

(c) Heidi Swapp @

This amazing woman with her pink, eclectic but order style has been an influence on my own scrapping style for many years… I have taken on-line courses with her and learnt to mix and match elements to work as part of a whole.

She loves mute soft colours and marries them with clear bold statements and her range of accessories reflect this, even her storage items.

She is relaunching her brand with a new website and is having some amazing give aways on her Blog… As well as lot of creative hints and tips to get yourself making and creating.

It’s good to see scrap companies thriving in this recession and starting to grow and expand.

If you don’t know much about Heidi’s style – get over to her website and find out.

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