Here’s One I Baked – Trial Birthday Cupcakes

At some point next week I have to take cupcakes into the office for “that” annual celebration and I need to out-do myself and beat the Pink Bunny Cupcakes I took into work last week.

Thanks to Mary Berry, I have found a chocolate cupcake recipe that works… (and I have tried a few in my time…)

Chocolate Cupcakes Chilling on the Side

And now I am playing with the frosting. Kraft (the makers of Philadelphia Cheese) have recently taken over Cadbury’s and have produced a Dairy Milk flavoured Philly (That tastes like Cadbury’s)… and I have been itching to try it on cupcakes…

Now before the guys I work with go Yuk… you are already used to full fat Philly in my frosting, often which I flavour with cocoa powder (made by… Cadbury’s funnily enough!) – so pre-flavoured frosting is the next step

A Philly Covered Cupcake

The icing is very sweet, I think the cheese may be pre-sweeten – so I am going to substitute some of the icing sugar for cocoa powder when I try again the week, but on the whole – very nice…

Recipe for Cadbury Philly Frosting

  • 55g Very Soft Butter @ Room Temp
  • 85g Sieved Icing Sugar
  • 25g Sieved Cocoa Powder
  • 160g (or one pot) Cadbury Full Fat Philadelphia Cheese – Chilled


  1. Pop the Cadbury Philadelphia into the Freezer for 5 minutes
  2. Cream together the Butter, icing sugar and cocoa together into a paste
  3. Add the Deep Chilled Philly and stir until just mixed
  4. Leave the fridge for 30 minutes
  5. Using a piping bag or spatula – spread over cooled cakes
  6. Eat 🙂

Thanks for Reading – this is my 40th Make of Bake in my Craft 2012 Challenge



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