Here’s One I Made – First Attempt at Friendly Plastic

So the time has finally come… I have assembled all my goodies to play with my new project… friendly plastic. Most of the stuff I needed I already had (Embosser, Heat Gun, Teflon Sheet, Pokey Tool etc) and my marbling comb and friendly plastic had arrived in the week.

I have started by copying the demonstration I saw by Molten Designs are the HobbyCraft Show at Bluewater last month.

Using a little bit of sticky tape you cut thin strips of alternate colours and lay them side by side and then heat for about 70 seconds with your heat gun before dragging the marbling tool through the stripes of plastic… I then started to play by laying further bits on top and melting them into my design.

The Purple One is designed to be a key ring, the Peacock One – a Pendent

I now need to get hold of an ideas book and play some more – most websites recommend this one. I will keep you informed of my progress!

This is my 42nd Project in my Craft 2012 Challenge



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