Monday Inspiration – Mad March Monday (with Mint)

Can you believe we are almost half way through March??

This week’s Colour Inspiration draws from the clean and fresh greens we have at this time of year.

Fresh March Greens

Bristol and Beyond Classes

  • Scrapbooking @ Paperarts – Great Range
  • Snazzy Stamps – Love the look of the Steampunk Angels
  • Jewellery Making with ShineyRocks… A Fantastic Range of Classes
  • If you fancy something different – Try Glass Blowing at Bristol Blue Glass

If you missed it earlier – here is my recipe for using Chocolate Philadelphia in a Frosting Recipe

Recipe for Cadbury Philly Frosting

  • 55g Very Soft Butter @ Room Temp
  • 85g Sieved Icing Sugar
  • 25g Sieved Cocoa Powder
  • 160g (or one pot) Cadbury Full Fat Philadelphia Cheese – Chilled


  1. Pop the Cadbury Philadelphia into the Freezer for 5 minutes
  2. Cream together the Butter, icing sugar and cocoa together into a paste
  3. Add the Deep Chilled Philly and stir until just mixed
  4. Leave the fridge for 30 minutes
  5. Using a piping bag or spatula – spread over cooled cakes
  6. Eat :)

If you haven’t used them before, pop over to Paperartsy… They stamps are well designed, well made and a lot of fun. You will be seeing a lot more of their stamps in the weeks to come.

There is a very sweet little freebie Hedgehog Digital Stamp over at Pollycrafts.

The Hairy Bikers are back this week with their new series, a journey through Europe on a Bakeation. The New Series starts at 8pm on Tuesday on BBC2.

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