Wednesday Weblinks – Scrapbook Kits

Scrapbook Kits are nothing new, when I started to scrap 10 years ago, it was one of the best ways of getting hold of the newest stash and embellishments from the States.

As the range of scrapping supplies in the UK has grown and postage from the USA grown prohibitive, there is a home-grown market of kits available to buy.

Kits have a lot of advantages for scrapbookers as the hard work of matching papers to cardstock to embellishments is done for you. most provide a range of papers and/or from a single company and will also provide a number of ideas from in-house Design Teams.

An Example of A Scrapbook Kit

Most Scrapbooking kits come in two types – subscription (where you pay a monthly fee and it arrives around the same time each month) or one-off – which may be on a theme or activity. With Single Kits you can choose whether you want the kit or not, with subscription, you are usually signed up for a minimum number of months regardless of the theme.

Here are a range of current UK Scrapbook Kits

  • Scrap-A-Gogo – One of the biggest scrapbook kits in the UK. They’ve just revamped their main kit at #14.99 per month
  • Sarah’s Cards – A Subscription Kit from one of the leading UK stores. Priced at #19.99 per month
  • Creative Craft World – A great value monthly club, costing only #9.99 per month
  • Truly Madly Craft – A wide range of clubs in a wide range of sizes, styles and prices
  • Craft Princess – A kit with a quirky unique element in each kit – different kits and different prices.

If you are starting up or are wanting to freshen up your stash or even just try a new style that you wouldn’t normally do, then scrapbook kits can do that for you.

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One Response to Wednesday Weblinks – Scrapbook Kits

  1. Petra says:

    Are you still getting any of these kits? The only one I found on the Net is the Craft Princess ones.


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