Stash, Stock and Supplies – A Little March Shopping

I thought I would start sharing some of Craft and Baking Shopping. I tend to do a “Shop” about once a month, but sometimes I will pick up bits as I go.

This month there are a number of goodies to do with my Friendly Plastic explorations including a new pokey tool, some tiny crystals, the Friendly Plastic Comb and the Friendly Plastic itself.

I have some essentials in here like Wool for my Snowballs and some new clear stamps, Glitter and tags for Tim Holtz’s 12 Tags of 2012.

Best Purchase this Month? Probably the Tags, they are such good quality… and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to give Tim’s Challenge a go.

The Wool comes from HobbyCraft, they do a good range of bulk standard Double Knit Wool.

The more specialised Papercraft goodies come from Pickleberry Craft who do a good range for stampers and mix media artists

My Friendly Plastic goodies all come from The Frame Workshop.

Thanks for Looking



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