Book Club – Mug Hugs (Cozy) By Alison Howard

I have been asked to recommend a book for beginner knitters who want to learn new skills but in a practical way… I can do that! And that is Mug Hugs (Cozy) by Alison Howard.

Mug Hugs are knitted sleeves for mugs. Quick to make in a single peice, These sleeves can be made in what ever coloured wool you have laying around or will suit the recipient and make a cheap but eye-catching gift.

In this book, Alison has put together a wide range of patterns, starting with Garter Stitch (yes – you can do just do these gifts if all you can do is knit!!!) through to argyll and cable techinques. Best of all – everything you need to do is demostrated – so its perfect for beginners or those wanting a last minute gift.

If you want a fun and different present idea book – then go for this one.

Thanks for Reading



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