Friday Feeling – If I Was Starting Again… Card Making

Over the next month or so as part of my Friday Feelings, I am going to look at what I would do differently I would if I started again with a Craft and I am starting with Card Making.

A Typical BMB Card

I started Card Making in October 2002 almost by accident as I had never really had an interest in papercrafts. Before that, I had main cross-stitched but a long illness left me in pain every time I tried to stitch.

Needing something to take my mind off the boredom of being ill, I started watching the craft shows on QVC (this was at a time when papercrafts were just taking off in the UK). I felt inspired, mainly because I felt I could do better than some of the demos (cheeky I know :)).

I started off with a range of very vivid cardstock, lots of stamps, bright inks and embossing powders and coloured pencils… and I set myself the challenge of making myself 1 card a day until I had made all my Christmas Cards that year.

By the time Christmas came around, I was hooked and was starting on my Birthday cards for the year.

Over the course of the following year I discovered some of my most important Papercraft finds.

  • First of all was Chalk Inks, I use these soft finish, fast drying inks in most of my cardmaking. I use them to shade edges of images, to add colour to designs and to coloured masked areas.
  • The Second was Die Cutters, (my first one was the original Sizzix). I love the 3D elements you can achieve with die cutters and the fact that you can cut them in any colour you want. I have worked through a number of die cutting systems since and I am still in love with the final effect.
  • Thirdly was Stampin Up (only available in the USA at that time). I suddenly found a whole mature papercraft market with a much wider range then we had at that time in the UK. I still love Stampin Up Stamps and I am so pleased they now offer acrylic stamps.

But I did make some mistakes which if I could go back and stop myself I would do

  • Coloured Cards. I only make cards in Kraft and white and only in A6 now. If I was starting again I would keep to the basic because its simple and you can still do a lot with this size and shape.
  • Embossing Powder. Although I still use a time bit of black and clear, I rarely emboss now. Originally I brought so much of the stuff because I didn’t know much about ink but as I learnt about different kinds of inks – I moved away from pigments and went for finer inks which capture even more of the details of the stamp.
  • Fibres. I like my cards clean and simple and brought a lot of trend goodies in the early days including fibres. For those of you who don’t remember the fibre craze, for a while, every card you saw had fancy woollen yarns wrapped around it. I brought into this 100% – even though I didn’t like it. As my style developed I moved away from bulk and I ended up with a lot of bits and pieces I would never use and Fibres were one of these. These days I am a lot more careful about what I buy.

If I had the choice to start Card Making again, I would do but I would be a little more cautious of what I brought. I think I would probably start with a lot of Stampin Up. But I would keep my other supplies simple… You still wouldn’t get me out of Hobbycraft (or The Range) though.

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