PAM – Running A Mile For Comic Relief

I completed (ran… is too strong a word) my mile for Sports Relief at Caldicot Castle just inside Wales and I am sharing a photo from the run.

Runners At Caldicot

I wanted a photo that captured the action of the run… so I pointed the camera at spot on the ground and waited for the people to come to me… instead of trying to follow them.

Because of where the runners started from and where I could stand, originally they were running “out” of the photo (going from Right to Left). As we read in this country from left to right, our eyes interpret photos better if the subject (in this case the runners) do the same, so I flipped this photo on the horizontal to achieve this.

There are no other changes made to the picture

But I also wanted to focus just on the effect of running so I shot their legs and feet and balanced this with their shadows with minimal bits in the background.

Thanks for Looking BMB


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