Wednesday Weblinks – Ella Publishing

Last week I shared a fantastic site that came from the ashes of the wonderful Simple Scrapbook, this week I want to share a second site with the same pedigree – Ella Publishing

(c) Ella Publishing

They have two strands to their websites, firstly the incredible e-Zine, a regular blog which is full of fantastic colourful and inspiring ideas, this week they have a great article on drawing inspiration from books, last week they had thank you cards with an added dimesion

For those looking for something a bit more  then just blog articles, the other part of the site is their eBooks collections. eBooks have a lot of advantasges, you can read them on screen, your iPad, smart phone or print them out to flick through. You get them straight away (for when you need that emergency inspiration and don’t want to wait) and they are cheap (and stay cheap if you don’t print them out).

Ella use some of the best scrapbookers in the industry to put their books together including Stacy Julian, Elizabeth Dillow, Wendy Smedley and my favourite May Flaum.

If you are looking for Big Name Inspiration with no waiting – then check Ella Publishing out.

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