Friday Feeling… If I Was Starting Again… Scrapbooking

Last week I looked back at when I started Cardmaking, now I am going to look about at when I started Scrapbooking.

One of my Oldest and Latest Layouts

I first heard about Scrapbooking in 2002 through my best mate, who is into Genealogy, she shared a couple of copies of the sadly missed Simple Scrapbooks which had just published.

Wanting my own copy of the magazine, I tracked down (the also sadly missed) Scraptastic and through them discovered UKScrappers… Which is still going.

My first albums were from Creative Memories (also now no longer in the UK… bit of a pattern here) but I soon graduated to strap albums before in 2008 moving to 3-Ring Binders.

The early days of UKScrappers was an exciting time to be a scrapper, we were just seeing the market explode in the USA, postage was cheap and the UK scrapping market was getting off the ground, although only Paperarts of my early shops is still in business.

In early 2003 UKScrappers had its first Cyber Crop (an on-line series of challenges and classes) … they weren’t the slick team orientated events they grew into but it was a lot fun none the less.

My style started simple and stayed so. For this article I looked back through my original scrapbooks. It was a Creative Memories Album, so all the pages are almost 12×12. All the photos are matted – often more than once, the backgrounds are a single piece of pattern papers and there is a mixture of stickers or diecuts (Sizzix) filling the gaps – all of the gaps.

My Layouts now have solid cardstock base with pattern papers as accents and not as background, I tend to group my other embellishments together and I am not afraid of white space.

Some of the biggest lessons I have learnt are:

  • Die Cuts are still my best friend. I may now use a range of electronic die cutters which allow me to play with designs and sizes of die cuts but I still love my quickutz and the simplicity of the designs.
  • I need to experiment with trends to see what I can draw from them. When Shabby Chic first came out – I hated the messy effect but I ink most of my edges which is something from that craze.
  • I don’t have to buy every new thing that is brought out (in every colour)… I have enough pattern paper, flowers and buttons to last me several craft life times. I now buy things are a much more flexible – so I have a lot more staples and less passing fads.
  • It’s my crafting and I can do it how I want to. If you like what you create then its good!

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