Wednesday Weblinks – Baking Mad

This week’s weblink is one of the best “One Stop Shops” for baking advice and recipes – Baking Mad

Baking Mad has everything you want to know about baking, regardless of your skill level or time you have to spend on your hobby.

There are recipes for cakes (baking and decorating), biscuits, tarts, pies, breads, jams and drinks.

There are hints and tips, on-line discussions, email advice and forums which you can join and make use of, whatever your baking problem. There is also a facebook group where you can share your photos and success stories.

There is advice for getting children involved in baking and advice on setting up local baking groups.

Their blog is packed with competitions and baking news from around the UK. The best advice I can give you is head over to the website with a cuppa and browse all the good stuff that is there… I have used a number of their Easter Hints and Tips in my Cupcakes in the last week or so.

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